Arduino 1.6.5 and later relies on packages to manage the boards. Those packages are updated quite often.

For the boards managed by the Boards Manager featured in Arduino.CC 1.6.5 and later, the core libraries and the application libraries are located under the ~/Library/Arduino15/packages folder.

The exact path of the libraries contains the release number, referenced in the file.

For example, the libraries for the Arduino Zero board are located under the ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/samd/1.6.1 folder.



In case a new release of the Arduino Zero board has been downloaded and installed with the number 1.6.4, compilation may result in an error. The reference list needs to be updated.

  • Open the file in the project. 
  • Find the corresponding entry, here ARDUINO_SAMD_RELEASE for the Arduino Zero board. 
  • Edit and change the old version for the new one.

Additional changes may be required for the tool-chain and the utilities.

  • Edit the corresponding values, here for the Arduino Zero board.
ARM_GCC_RELEASE         = 4.8.3-2014q1
BOSSAC_RELEASE          = 1.6.1-arduino
CMSIS_RELEASE           = 4.0.0-atmel
OPENOCD_RELEASE         = 0.9.0-arduino

  • Launch a All or Build target.

The All and Build targets ensure consistency with the new release, as the Make or Fast targets reuse the libraries previously compiled with the old release.

This setting is valid for the project only.

For more information, please refer tsection Use the Project • Manage the Libraries for Compilation • Update the Boards Reference List on the User Manual.