Release 1.6.10E0018 of Energia changes the boards tags.

Before installing Energia 1.6.10E0018, please

  • Install release 4.5.9 of embedXcode 
  • Update the projects
  • Install release 5.1.0 of embedXcode.

⊞ For embedXcode+ users, please use the Upgrade Project utility as described in section Upgrade Projects to embedXcode+ and New Release of Xcode.

Energia 1.6.10E0018 no longer supports the following boards

  • SensorTag CC2650, 
  • LaunchPad C2000, 
  • LaunchPad CC3200 EMT WiFi, 
  • LaunchPad MSP430G2452, 
  • LaunchPad  MSP430G2331.