For embedXcode 11, please refer to section Check new release on the User Manual.

There are two procedures for the update of embedXcode+:

  • An e-mail is sent to registered users with a link to download.
  • During compilation, embedXcode displays a window with an option to download.

The first procedures may fail as some of those messages are considered as spam by the recipients' mails and discarded.

So enters the second procedure. 

During the first compilation of the project (and first only), a dialog box prompts if a new release of embedXcode is available.

  • Click on Go to Download to download the new release or Ignore to ignore it.

Also during the compilation of the project, first or consecutive, if the release of the template is more recent than the project, a dialog box prompts and asks for updating the project.


  • Click on Update to update the project or Ignore to ignore it.

For more information, please refer to section Create a New Project • Prepare the Project • Download New Release on the User Manual.

Please note that:

  • Since release 4.0, the tools are installed with the main package embedXcode-xxx.pkg and embedXcode-xxx-plus.pkg.
  • The separate embedXcode-tools-xxx.pkg package is no longer required. It corresponds to embedXcode 3.0, which is deprecated.
  • Since release 10.0, the installation packages are provided with and

About the names of the packages:

  • embedXcode-xxx-plus.pkg is the new naming scheme for embedXcode+298.pkg as the + symbol may cause issues. Note the plus replaces the + symbol.
  • embedXcode-tools-xxx.pkg is a package with optional tools required by mbed, Particle and Yocto.
  • Since release 10.0, is the new naming scheme.