I'm using PackageMaker, the official package builder from Apple, and always test the installation on a clean Mac before releasing it.

Unfortunately, PackageMaker is crippled with bugs. Worse, Apple declared it as deprecated, and wants all applications to be distributed through the Apple Store. 


I guess I have no option but to design my own installer...

In the meantime, please

  • Have a look at the embedXcode_Installation.log in the Console: it contains useful information.
  • Launch the Disk Utility and perform a Repair Disk and Repair Files Permissions, now combined and called First Aid in Mac OS X 10.11.

  • Use the manual procedure Install the Template • Install embedXcode • Launch the Installation Manually described hereafter.

Launch the Installation Manually

In case the automatic installation fails,

    • Open a Terminal window.
    • Launch the command
  sudo installer -pkg embedXcode-231.pkg -target /