• Code-sense provides many features, like colour-syntaxing, auto-completion, function parameters, ...

During the first build, the libraries are listed and added to the project, and the index for code-sense is generated by Xcode. This is a one-time process.

If a new library is added to the sketchbook folder afterwards, the library needs to be included manually as per the procedure Add User's Libraries.

  • Code-sense indexing is managed by Xcode automatically. 

Many users have complained about the way Xcode triggers a refresh of the code-sense index. 

The recommended procedure consists on closing the project and opening it again. This triggers a fresh code-sense indexing. 

  • Unfortunately, code-sense doesn't like macros, especially multi-layered. 

This is the case for the TI-RTOS functions of Energia MT, which are declared as macros with #define, and those macros are multi-layered, i.e. one macro calls another macro which calls another and so on. See Code-sense for Energia MT - TI-RTOS Projects.