To exclude a library from compilation, just use the variable EXCLUDE_LIBS on the main makefile with the name of the folder that includes the library.

# List core, application and user's libraries to be excluded

# For example, WiFi may crash on Arduino 1.0.2, Esplora on Arduino 1.0.3, Firmata on Teensy 3.0,

# OneWire on MPIDE 0023, HardwareSerial may conflict with MarlinSerial


#EXCLUDE_LIBS = Firmata WiFi Esplora OneWire Robot_Control Robot_Control/utility Robot_Motor

However, it requires the library to be within a folder.

I used this method to exclude some application libraries that conflicted with my own libraries, like WiFi.

For more information, please refer to chapter • section Build and Upload the Project • Manage the Libraries for Compilation of the User Manual.