Debugging requires boards with a built-in hardware debugger. 

Only the LaunchPads from Texas Instruments feature a built-in debugger. 

There's an optional chipKIT PGM programmer-debugger for the chipKIT boards.

As at today, debugging has been tested successfully on the following boards:

  • Most of the LaunchPad boards, including 
    • MSP430G2, 
    • MSP430F5529, 
    • Stellaris LM4F120 now Tiva C Series TM4C123, 
    • WiFi with CC3200,
  • Experimenter Board MSP430FR5739,
  • chipKIT Uno32 with external chipKIT PGM programmer/debugger —release 160
  • Arduino M0 Pro
  • Intel Edison board with the Yocto environment connected with either WiFi or Ethernet over USB

  • Selected boards with the Segger J-Link programmer / emulator.

Few Arduino boards feature a debugger: the Arduino M0 Pro, the Arduino Zero. The Arduino Due requires an external debugger like the Segger J-Link..