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embedXcode requires that the Arduino App is in the /Applications folder. Where can I change that?

There's no options to change that as the /Applications folder is the default folder for applications.

All the IDEs are to be installed under /Applications folder.

Starting release 155, embedXcode+ allows to define a specific folder for the Arduino and other IDEs, for example the /Applications/IDE folder.

Are spaces in file and path names managed?

The Arduino IDE —or similar IDEs— and the tools-chain don't manage space in file and path names. 

Make sure none of the files or paths involved includes the space character.

The User Manual includes the following warning in different chapters:

As for the standard IDEs, avoid space and special characters in the folder name.


embedXcode is a simulator, right? 

No, embedXcode is not a simulator. 

It is a template for Xcode, the official Apple IDE, to develop on the Arduino and alike boards. 

Please refer to the User Manual.